Gettin' her summer on

Ms. Bella loves the pool as much this year as she did last year. I am quite surprised because the water was freezing and she had to be held the whole time she was in - but I suppose I should've know that she'd turn out to be a water bug like her big brother.

In fact, I was sitting on the steps with her on my knee (like Billy is doing in the picture above). I put one hand on her belly to steady her and reached over to grab Javi's goggles. How 'bout that child pushed right past my hand and plunged headfirst into the shallow end. Luckily everyone was right there and I grabbed her right up (her little butt never even went in). We expected frantic crying, but instead, she just wanted to do it again.

The entire time we were at the pool, my wee one had to be in the water or trying to get in the water. Even though her lips were purplish and her teeth were chattering. I look forward to a long summer of chasing her away from the edge and then away from the sand buckets/ash trays stationed along the fence.

Ah, childhood.


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