About three months ago, Bella began clapping ... in her own unique way. She would bring her hands together and then move them up and down. She did this when excited, happy or trying to play patty cake.

So earlier this week she woke up sick as a dog. She only wanted to be held and would cry if I tried to lay her down. To make her happy and have my hands free, I allowed her to follow me around the house - which is sort of like taking her Disneyland.

I was putting dishes away and heard a CLAP. I looked over at her and she was alight with pride. She lifted her arms up by her ears and then brought her hands together again - CLAP! Bella just giggled and giggled. Then she did it several times in a row.

Now, all you have to do is say PAT CAKE BELLBELL and she'll clap those hands together and smile. I don't think I can describe it accurately, so I'll be trying to get it on video now that she's a little less needy. But, it's so funny because it's like she knows she wasn't doing it right all those months and now she's finally figured it out.

Also, I realized there's no real video of her walking, so I'll be working on that, too. Let's hope her upswing toward health continues and that we're all sickness free after the weekend.


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