Sassy Bella

My child goes from zero to 60. Just a few short months ago, we were worried that she wasn't rolling over. Today I had to drag her off the third step of our staircase and then block off the entire area to keep her away from it.

Now that she's a climbing somebody, we can't keep her from pulling up on everything and anything: your pants leg, a pillow hanging over the edge of the couch, the couch itself, the ottoman, the entertainment center, the laptop sitting on its side, her toy box, the dog. She wants UP ... now.

It's cute to see her little body stretched out like a real girl. She even crawls like a big girl instead of an army recruit at basic training.

Of course, to keep us grounded, there are still some things she isn't too interested in, such as holding her own cup or bottle. She'll hold them, but only if you force her and only until she's tired of it.

To celebrate her milestones, I'm finishing up her stage 2 foods and moving on to stage 3. I'm also going to begin feeding her from the table with everyone else. To do this, we'll have to find a highchair, but that shouldn't be too incredibly difficult.

Stay tuned to tomorrow when you'll get to see Bella in all her action via video post!


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