Kelly vs Pilar pt 2

Okay! Can I just say Kelly has a crush on Favian.

Now, it would be much much much better if Pilar had this crush cause she knows how to work it and can pick up guys while just chillin in her car waiting for a drunk Jane to use the bathroom...

But, Kelly? No, she's the one who hung with a guy almost everyday of her life for three months and never once told him she liked him, liked him liked him, even though they cuddled up together at night to sleep, even though he promised to build her a castle in New Mexico with a turret all her own, even after they wound up naked in his squeaky twin sized bed with Concrete Blonde in the background...

So, anyway, Kelly shouldn't be in charge of dating. That's all Pilar's territory. Kelly just screws things up. But, Pilar is in hibernation. I think Javi scared her away. I thought to myself, self, you need to help Kelly find Pilar before she goes up to see this boy, but nope. Pilar wouldn't wake up, so instead, Kelly had to go it alone.

And how do we think THAT turned out?


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